AFGE President: Secret Wait Lists ‘Wrong’

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, American Federation of Government Employees Local 781 President Germaine Clarno rejects Veterans Affairs Executive’s claims that they are no secret wait lists for Veterans seeking care.  “I’ve seen these lists,” Clarno told the Tribune in an interview Wednesday. “It just became regular, normal business.”  Clarno has been calling attention to VA executives attempts to manipulate statistics on care to garner financial bonuses.

As J. David Cox, the President of AFGE, told the Chicago Tribune,  VA executives receive bonuses based in part on how quickly patients are seen and making secret lists leads to poorer treatment for veterans and hides problems about staffing levels.

“If you can’t get all your work done, it’s important to say, ‘These are the obstacles,’ not just create fake waiting lists. That’s just wrong. Totally wrong.”

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