This is how we fix the VA!

Last Tuesday night I watched the VA Congressional hearing with testimonies from VA Whistleblowers. It was déjà vu all over again! The same tactics of management to intimidate employees are done here at Hines.  I think there is a manual for managers in the VA with step by step instructions on how to keep employees in fear and silenced. It’s time for the shredder Mr. Manual.

Well, at least no one is in denial anymore that we have a real problem.  The next step is action! Corrupt managers need to go, now, immediately, pronto, not next year kind of “go”.  Employees need to see action.   Employees need to be part of the solution.

Front line employees need to be part of a ongoing dialogue and part of developing policy. Congress and the VA secretary are too far detached from the real issues. AFGE is this link to this communication.

How can we get our voices heard? Get involved in the union.  Write your representative. Write a letter to the editor.  Bring you ideas to the union. Standing together we have a strong and effective voice.  Local 781, let’s be an active part in this movement of change in the VA.

In solidarity,